Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Out and about

I tackled another adventure today, going somewhere I had only been once before
However this time I used public transportation and my great memory oh and google maps

Thank the good Lord for Google maps, it helped me get on the right bus and wait at the right stop, ahhhhhmazing....

I had to venture out and get my hair done...lol yes I know I have no job but I'm still getting my hair done. I gotta be ready at a moments notice for an interview duh!!

So I take off on my journey:


push the button
Cross the street to get the bus

mission accomplished!! double decker bus!!

me and mr. double decker!!
My first official grocery bag, yes that's Nutella in the bag

trip the grocery store Morrison

I made it back home in one piece, with clean hair and my favorite, Nutella.

All in a successful day out.
Stay Tuned!!

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