Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wear It Pink!!

I love when company's take part in charity work.
Last Friday at work was Wear It Pink Day in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness.
Everyone had to wear something pink or pay money towards the donations for breast cancer research.
We also had a bake sale. Different colleagues baked desserts that were sold at
work during the morning, all proceeds going toward breast cancer research.
There was also a raffle, in which you could win anything from a bottle of wine to spa treatments. 
Again all proceeds going to breast cancer research. 
It was a fun day. Here are the many looks from work
for Wear It Pink Day.

I wonder what they will do for Halloween?

Stay Tuned!!
Adventure Awaits!!

So Far...

It's been a little while since I posted. 
So I'm here to catch you up on what has been going on across the pond.
I got a job. I started work on the 18th of October. I work for Anglian Water. I love my commute!!
I take the bus or I walk. Taking the bus takes exactly 10 minutes.
This includes walking to the bus stop, getting on the bus and walking
to my building from the bus stop. I walk home sometimes, depending on the weather, that takes about 30 minutes. The scenery is worth the walk.
This is what I see:

My first few days were filled with paper work, training, meeting new people and e-learnings.
I think I am going to like my colleagues and my job. I work 9-5 Monday -Friday. Definitely different from what I was doing back home. They don't play here when it comes time to leave work. They leave on-time here, no overtime in this
I have met some interesting people during my first week and some cute

Stay Tuned!!
More adventures await!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Out and about

I tackled another adventure today, going somewhere I had only been once before
However this time I used public transportation and my great memory oh and google maps

Thank the good Lord for Google maps, it helped me get on the right bus and wait at the right stop, ahhhhhmazing....

I had to venture out and get my hair yes I know I have no job but I'm still getting my hair done. I gotta be ready at a moments notice for an interview duh!!

So I take off on my journey:


push the button
Cross the street to get the bus

mission accomplished!! double decker bus!!

me and mr. double decker!!
My first official grocery bag, yes that's Nutella in the bag

trip the grocery store Morrison

I made it back home in one piece, with clean hair and my favorite, Nutella.

All in a successful day out.
Stay Tuned!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cheap Thrills


Makes me ever happier that they aren't bills.
Yes I still get happy when I get mail for the first time. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Travel by Bus

So this week brought on a new adventure:
Taking public transportation in a strange land

On Monday I had an appointment to open a bank account, yes I had an appointment
It apparently takes an hour to open one here and they ask you all sorts of questions about
your life to figure out which account is right for you. I won't complain however because this is the
only bank out of the five I visited last Friday that would let me open an account with them 
with an expired passport. 
After what seemed like forever, I eventually got an account. Upon exiting the bank, I see a man being carted away on a stretcher into an ambulance. 
Of course I tried to take a picture, but the Lord opened the heavens and it began to rain. I can't get my hair wet so needless to say I had to forfeit the picture in order to protect my

This led to walking the mall to hide from the rain, which led to going home cause I had no money 
to purchase all the lovely things I saw.
So I took the bus home. I was excited!! For the first time in ages I was taking the BUS!!
Yea I know, who gets excited about public transportation. 
I DO!!
I'm in a strange land and I could have gotten lost or gotten on the wrong bus or gotten off at the wrong stop. All those things made it exciting to ride the bus. 
Anyway I didn't get lost, I didn't get on the wrong bus, I got off at the right stop and a strange led me home without even knowing it. (She probably thought I was trying to rob her or something, I am pretty sure I saw her clutch her purse)

P.S. Yesterday I found one these:
thy don't use them anymore...boooo
Unfortunately I couldn't go inside because it was locked and the phone removed from it.
They are hard to find these days.

More adventures await. 
Stay tuned!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Ain't at CLC Anymore

So today was my first Sunday at my new possibly new church.
It was interesting. Needless to say, there's no place like home.
This church is small, and by small I mean small. Our mid-week service is larger than this church.
The music is nothing like home. However I could feel the presence of God. Even through the flat and off key forgive me Lord.

I'm not sure if I will be making this "home", but I've decided to give them another try next Sunday.
They have a special service next Sunday, it's their 5 year anniversary. So they are having a guest speaker that I have heard about from back home.

I do love the new commute however.
I've gone from an hour drive one way to 15 minutes round trip.....Gloray!!

I'll be on the look out and prayerfully seeking another church that is Apostolic.

On a sweeter note I tried my hand at making another bourbon apple crisp.
I had to convert most of the measurements to Imperial units. Thank goodness for an ipad and Google.

caramelized sugar and bourbon for bourbon apple crisp

yummy apples and caramelized sugar and bourbon

It turned out yummy. However next time I'll  scoop more of the "juice" in with the apples before baking.

All in all I had a great day.

Stay Tuned!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

So Long, Farewell Auf Weidersehen, Goodbye USA

So, against my better judgement, I decided to take the advise of a dear friend and start a blog on my new adventure. 


I packed up all my belongings and moved across the pond back to England. It was one of the most scariest decisions I've every made. So far it's been exciting.

So here's a rundown of my first few days:

I've had drama with my barrel (long story short I was not about to pay FedEx $1100 to ship it).
Almost kissed a perfect stranger on the forehead, it happened to be a woman. That song "I Kissed a Girl" came to mind. I definitely wouldn't have liked 
I left all most of my shoes in Virginia, praying that they'll get here before I have to repeat shoes at my new church. Can't have

I landed in Iceland early Wednesday morning to this gorgeous view below. We were praying that our flight would have been delayed by hours so we could tour the blue lagoons I'v heard so much about. Oh well just have to put that on my list of places to travel to.

Sunrise coming into Iceland

After an hour layover in Iceland it was onto Manchester, United Kingdom.

Flying into Manchester

I almost got denied entry into the country because of my passport. (my heart skipped a beat) I didn't have how long I would be staying written on my immigration form. I then had to be escorted to the baggage claim to get my expired British passport from my dad. I was allowed in after that.

I've tried to open a bank account here in the UK, to no avail. I tried five banks and they all denied me except one. I should have renewed my passport before I left the United States.

I have a possible job interview coming up next week, prayerfully.

All in all great start to my new adventure.

Stay Tuned!!