Saturday, September 22, 2012

So Long, Farewell Auf Weidersehen, Goodbye USA

So, against my better judgement, I decided to take the advise of a dear friend and start a blog on my new adventure. 


I packed up all my belongings and moved across the pond back to England. It was one of the most scariest decisions I've every made. So far it's been exciting.

So here's a rundown of my first few days:

I've had drama with my barrel (long story short I was not about to pay FedEx $1100 to ship it).
Almost kissed a perfect stranger on the forehead, it happened to be a woman. That song "I Kissed a Girl" came to mind. I definitely wouldn't have liked 
I left all most of my shoes in Virginia, praying that they'll get here before I have to repeat shoes at my new church. Can't have

I landed in Iceland early Wednesday morning to this gorgeous view below. We were praying that our flight would have been delayed by hours so we could tour the blue lagoons I'v heard so much about. Oh well just have to put that on my list of places to travel to.

Sunrise coming into Iceland

After an hour layover in Iceland it was onto Manchester, United Kingdom.

Flying into Manchester

I almost got denied entry into the country because of my passport. (my heart skipped a beat) I didn't have how long I would be staying written on my immigration form. I then had to be escorted to the baggage claim to get my expired British passport from my dad. I was allowed in after that.

I've tried to open a bank account here in the UK, to no avail. I tried five banks and they all denied me except one. I should have renewed my passport before I left the United States.

I have a possible job interview coming up next week, prayerfully.

All in all great start to my new adventure.

Stay Tuned!!

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