Thursday, September 27, 2012

Travel by Bus

So this week brought on a new adventure:
Taking public transportation in a strange land

On Monday I had an appointment to open a bank account, yes I had an appointment
It apparently takes an hour to open one here and they ask you all sorts of questions about
your life to figure out which account is right for you. I won't complain however because this is the
only bank out of the five I visited last Friday that would let me open an account with them 
with an expired passport. 
After what seemed like forever, I eventually got an account. Upon exiting the bank, I see a man being carted away on a stretcher into an ambulance. 
Of course I tried to take a picture, but the Lord opened the heavens and it began to rain. I can't get my hair wet so needless to say I had to forfeit the picture in order to protect my

This led to walking the mall to hide from the rain, which led to going home cause I had no money 
to purchase all the lovely things I saw.
So I took the bus home. I was excited!! For the first time in ages I was taking the BUS!!
Yea I know, who gets excited about public transportation. 
I DO!!
I'm in a strange land and I could have gotten lost or gotten on the wrong bus or gotten off at the wrong stop. All those things made it exciting to ride the bus. 
Anyway I didn't get lost, I didn't get on the wrong bus, I got off at the right stop and a strange led me home without even knowing it. (She probably thought I was trying to rob her or something, I am pretty sure I saw her clutch her purse)

P.S. Yesterday I found one these:
thy don't use them anymore...boooo
Unfortunately I couldn't go inside because it was locked and the phone removed from it.
They are hard to find these days.

More adventures await. 
Stay tuned!!

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